Embedded Tools

Voqal Tools provide the functionality offered via the Voqal Idle Mode. Voqal Tools are a set of triggerable actions that can be used autonomously by the Voqal Assistant. By using these tools individually or in combination, Voqal can perform a wide variety of tasks. The Voqal Assistant can be programmed further via Custom Tools, allowing you to create your own tools that Voqal can then use autonomously.

General Purpose

These tools are general purpose tools that can be used in a wide range of applications. They are not specific to any particular domain and can be used in a wide range of scenarios.

IDE Control

These tools are used to interact with the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of the Voqal Assistant. They are used to perform tasks such as navigating the codebase, running tests, and more.

Custom Tools

Uses JSON Schema to define the structure of the data that the tool expects.

Example Usage

The following is an example of a custom tool that triggers a GitHub build. It takes a branch name as input and triggers a GitHub build for the specified branch in the owner/repo repository.

type: function
  name: trigger_github_build
    type: object
        type: string
        description: The branch to build.
      - branch
  description: Use this tool whenever the developer asks you to trigger a github build.
    command: gh workflow run build.yml --repo owner/repo --ref $[[branch]]